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FXDD Boosts International Recognition Through Motorsports Sponsorship

FXDD is a major player in the forex industry providing exceptional offerings to international clients including intuitive platforms, 24-hour access to trading markets, and exceptional customer service. Through motorsports sponsorship, they’ve built a positive global reputation and a loyal client base of forex brokers.

The forex trading industry-leader FXDD maintains a global presence thanks to its outstanding platforms and international sponsorships. Pioneering the approach to motorsports partnerships, FXDD launched its first international sponsorship in 2011 with Red Bull Racing, the 2010 Formula One Constructors Championship winning team. Together, the partners went on to compete in the FIA Formula One (F1) World Championship.

The F1 Championship is the highest class of single-seater auto racing sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and has served as one of the premier international races since beginning in 1950. The race is dependent on a certain “formula” of vehicle and engine, and is a technology-driven sport much in the same way that forex is a technology-driven industry.

The motorsports arena often reflects a demographic that aligns with forex brokers’ target audiences. Sponsoring motorsports teams has enabled brokers to market their brands to an international audience with common interests in activities such as sports and trading. The F1 Championship is an especially wise investment for FXDD as it attracts over 400 million international followers that reflect their target market. Through the partnership with Red Bull Racing, FXDD engaged with an international client base and generated worldwide business in new markets.

“The incredible energy and cutting technology of F1 parallel FXDD’s innovation in the global Forex market resulting in a terrific fit between the two entities,” said Joseph Botkier current CEO of FXDD.

During the F1 Championship, FXDD’s logo appeared on the RB6 cars, the racing suits of both drivers, and the Red Bull Racing team uniform–broadcasting the company during a high-volume, internationally syndicated competition.

“[FXDD] is a very proactive and dynamic organization and the fast-moving, data-intensive world of online foreign currency trading is a good fit for Red Bull Racing and Formula One,” said Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner.

In the past, FXDD demonstrated their sponsorship success when they partnered with the New York Rangers NHL team and Madison Square Garden in November of 2009. The partnership with Red Bull, however, was a milestone in the FXDD legacy as it was their first international sponsorship. After a highly successful initial partnership, Red Bull and FXDD secured a second year of competition, their team valued at a million dollars for the season.

Later, FXDD paired up with team AIM Autosport (winners of the Grand Am Rolex Sports Car Series) for a season-long campaign in pursuit of the 2012 Rolex Series GT Championship. 2010 GT Champions Emil Assentato and Jeff Segal made up the FXDD-sponsored team in a factory-built Ferrari 458 Italia GT Grand Am. It demonstrated another proper partnership that benefited both parties on a global scale.

“We are very proud to partner with a team that exemplifies the precision and dedication we provide to our clients every day,” said emil assentato, FXDD Chairman of the Board.

“FXDD prudent decision to partner with Redbull Fi Racing Team during the period of 2010-2012 was vindicated as Redbull went on to win both Constructions and Drivers championships duiring that time displaying scintillating speed and accuracy throughout”. said Joseph Botkier FXDD CEO.

To this day, FXDD continues expanding its borders and world clientele by partnering with and sponsoring international motorsports teams in a variety of distinguished races.

FXDD’s Comprehensive Trading Guides Educate Users on Critical Forex Topics

FXDD Educates Users on Critical Forex Topics with Trading Guide 2019

FXDD’s Comprehensive Trading Guides Educate Users on Critical Forex Topics


The FXDD platform is a forex trading industry leader with a range of multi-asset offerings and exclusive resources that promote wiser investing for brokers. Apart from a user-friendly design, convenient online tools, and access to a dedicated customer service team, the platform delivers intricate trading guides that allow brokers to trade in confidence.


FXDD’s Comprehensive Trading GuidesTrading in foreign exchange markets carries a high level of risk, but the superior educational resources provided through FXDD can help ease trading concerns. Brokers require access to quality research tools and trading resources for them to fully understand their assets and the available markets, which is where the FXDD platform excels above the competition. Apart from regularly updated market analyses for multi-asset offerings, the trading platform provides users with comprehensive forex trading guides to empower their performance.

On the FXDD website and through platform portals, users can access trading guides such as a Currency Pair Guide, Major Pairs Currency Guide, Cross Pairs Currency Guide, Emerging Market Currency Pairs Guide, and Commodity Pairs Currency Guide. In these online documents are dozens of pages detailing critical trading intel about forex markets and educational information that can be leveraged to trade more confidently.


Within the pages of the trading guides, users will find a dedicated entry for multiple pairs that include:


Information on the Currency Type:

At the top of the entry for each currency pair, trading guides supply FXDD users with shortened titles, full titles, and the country the specific currency belongs to.


Reports on High and Low Exchange Rates for Listed Currency Pair:

The guide lists out the high and the low exchange rate in number/decimal form to enlighten users on the performance of certain pairs against each other (helping users determine which might be a wiser investment).


Daily Average Movement in PIPs:

The point in percentage (PIP) listed in each entry is a measure of change for a currency pair, and its figure can be used to avoid huge losses for the FXDD user.


Correlating Pairs:

Listed here are the pairs that correlate and move relatively in the same direction with fluctuations, helping users understand which currencies will work best for group investment.


Pair Type:

This designates the currency type, which differs from classifications such as major, minor, and exotic among others.


Single Year Projection Graph:

Each entry comes with a graph that displays a currency’s performance across a single year in weekly increments. This helps acquaint users with a currency pairs’ likelihood to hold strong over a prolonged period.  


Informative Paragraph:

Below the graph in each entry is a quick informative paragraph that details a few key components for each currency and gives insight into its world standing.


Supporting information is listed beneath the informative paragraph, which provides more info on the currencies such as country of origin, the central bank, nicknames, and the percent of average daily turnover.


It’s details such as these that leave FXDD undisputed as an industry leader and a model for other trading platforms to strive for. The world-renowned team behind FXDD has built up a wealth of trading knowledge to offer users only the most effective tools and channels for trading forex pairs and other assets.

Joseph Botkier

CEO Joseph Botkier Funnels Career Success into FXDD’s Intuitive Trading System

For over 15 years, the FXDD trading system has maintained a chief reputation for sophisticated technical infrastructure that’s both powerful and user-friendly. FXDD is able to offer these unique leverages because of the groundwork of Joseph Botkierwhose decades-spanning career in international finance has propelled the company to new heights of success.

The skill and leadership of Joseph Botkier, CEO of FXDirectDealer (FXDD), empowers FXDD platform users in their individual ventures. Mr. Botkier poured his expertise into the FXDD trading system, ensuring all users benefit from his illustrious career and have an equal chance at success. And because of the groundwork he’s laid, along with his decades of industry insight, Joseph Botkier helps users trade in total confidence.

Among many distinctions in his career, Joseph Botkier was recognized as one of the youngest Bank Treasurers in New York City. Early on, he assumed responsibility for Futures and Foreign Currency Dealing at Credito Italiano and was responsible for posting profits each year from 1976 to 1985. His reputation grew and he eventually joined Bank Cariplo of NYC, assuming the role of both First Vice President and Deputy General Manager. Among other lofty responsibilities, he was charged with establishing New York Treasury operations where he traded currencies, derivatives, and money market instruments.

Joseph Botkier later went on to develop advanced skills in banking and trade by serving as Executive Vice President and Deputy General Manager of Bank Brussels Lambert, New York. There, he experimented in international markets and furthered his understanding of global trade (which would later be translated into online tools and market data for FXDD users). He continued earning more respected positions and gained wide acclaim as a consultant to leading financial institutions in Central and Eastern Europe.

After decades of dedicated work in banking and trade, Mr. Botkier funneled his success into a state-of-the-art trading platform that thousands of users could benefit from. Thanks to his contributions, FXDD users have a range of tools and trading acumen at their disposal to maximize their return on investment.

A Knowledgeable and Dedicated Customer Service Team

The customer service team supporting the FXDD platform echoes Joseph Botkier’s passion and dedication for trading and work diligently to assist users wherever possible. FXDD users can troubleshoot technical issues or ask questions on market data conveniently within the platform.

Data Analysis and Industry Insight

FXDD users are privileged to have access to global market insight prepared by top-rated analysts that allows them to stay ahead of shifts and trends in various markets. This industry insight (present in big data summaries and user-friendly graphs) gives users the savvy and know-how of Joseph Botkier’s career right from the platform.

Access to a Range of Markets

Because of the professional networks Mr. Botkier built up and his knowledge of many world markets, FXDD allows users to trade in foreign currencies, cryptocurrencies CFDs, energies, indices, stocks, metals and more.

In the FXDD platform, users have access to a range of global markets with a sizeable database of industry intel to back up their trading techniques. Thanks to his eminent career, Joseph Botkier has created the most sophisticated, resourceful, and user-friendly trading platform available in international trade.

Joseph Botkier

Joseph Botkier of FXDD Demonstrates the Value of International Networks in Forex Trading Markets

Chief Executive Officer of FXDirectDealer (FXDD) Joseph Botkier is a leader in global trade markets who sets new standards for forex trading platform offerings. With an international career spanning decades of expertise, Mr. Botkier has built up a network of international relationships that FXDD platform users can leverage in their own trading ventures.

FXDD is an online trading power house that gives investors multi-market trading resources as well as access to a global network of potentially lucrative markets and investment options. FXDD CEO Joseph Botkier is the mastermind behind the program, and his decades of building trusting relationships within international markets allows him to provide users with a simple and intuitive trading platform.

“within the FXDD online trading system, users can trade various diverse and promising markets like forex pairs, energies, indices, metals and more,” Joseph Botkier says. “They can leverage market trends and fluctuations using our sophisticated data analyses within each class.”

By serving as an active member and leader in international trade for years, Joseph Botkier has built up an information system and a dynamic network of investors and traders which he introduces to users on FXDD’s online trading system.

Gaining the reputation and know-how to launch such a promising endeavor took Joseph Botkier years of experience in banking and trade. Before he was CEO of FXDD, Mr. Botkier served as Executive Vice President and Deputy General Manager of Bank Brussels Lambert, New York, where he gained a critical understanding of international markets. He also played integral roles as a consultant and advisor to major financial institutions in Russia and Central and Eastern Europe, expanding his understanding of international relations and the various markets they participate in.

Earlier in his career, Joseph Botkier gained recognition as one of the youngest Bank Treasurers in New York. At an early age, he assumed responsibility for Futures and Foreign Currency Dealing and posted profits every year from 1976 to 1985. Afterwords, Joseph Botkier joined Bank Cariplo of New York as First Vice President and Deputy General Manager. In this role, he was directly responsible for establishing New York Treasury operations which consisted of trading money market instruments, currencies, and derivatives.

It wasn’t until years later that Mr. Botkier pulled all of his connections and know-how together to launch a sophisticated trading system and a global powerhouse brokerage firm for international investors. The FXDD trading system currently gives trading access to six lucrative markets, verified data to back up trends and help users make educated investments, and an unparalleled customer service team to ensure users can successfully navigate and make the most of their trading experience within the platform.

“We want to afford our users every opportunity to see big returns on their investments,” says Joseph Botkier. “Learning how the markets work and how to spot trends and be prudent about investing has been a long process, but I’m proud to say users today can leverage my experience for their own benefit within the FXDD trading platform.”

Joseph Botkier

CEO of FX Direct Dealer Joseph Botkier Secures Long-term Revenue and Profits Through Decades of Industry Experience

FX Direct Dealer (FXDD) is a leader in global trade markets thanks to the contributions of its qualified founders and leaders. CEO Joseph Botkier sets new investment standards, utilizing decades of international experience in the finance industry to grow the company to new heights.

FXDD is a multi-asset trading resource that gives investors access to a global network of lucrative markets and investment options. The team behind FXDD provide unparalleled customer service and comprehensive tools for success, but the platform’s diverse offerings are only available to investors because of the know-how of its leaders and the relationships they built within the market.

Joseph Botkier helms FXDD with the world-renowned experience required to boost a forex trading product. His wide understanding of the industry––as well as his experience in international markets––empowers the FXDD brand and allows users access to a range of tools and resources esssential to success.

Before he took on his role as CEO, Joseph Botkier formed a solid reputation in finance by serving different institutions in leading positions. Mr. Botkier’s experience extends back to the 1970s, where he assumed the role of deputy operations manager with The Harris Trust corporation of New York City. A few short years later, he took on a similar role with the acclaimed Credito Italiano, where he built a reputation in finance from 1974 to 1985. In this role, Joseph Botkier took over responsibility for foreign currency dealings, a first for its time, which was only implemented around the world years later.

Later on, he assumed the role of vice president and deputy general manager for bank Carpilo in New York. He was an instrumental factor in the company’s future success, establishing Carpilo’s NY treasury operations and opening the bank to new avenues for growth.

After he paved a way for Carpilo, he took on the position of senior vice president and treasurer with Bank Brussels Lambert (BBL). There, he led the foreign exchange department, including money and capital markets, and further improved the bank’s reputation as a financial leader. Mr. Botkier worked extensively with high-profile loan portfolios as well as with asset management, providing him a robust understanding of diverse market trends. During his time with BBL, he released a highly-useful computer-based risk management system that evaluates treasury instruments.

While with BBL, Joseph Botkier also created and managed proprietary funds in emerging market debt and launched the BBL’s first leveraged high-yield fund. Since, he has encouraged growth, market understanding, and new paths to comprehensive investments in all his work.

Today, Joseph Botkier is an industry leader and a revolutionary in his field, offering powerful capabilities to interested investors. His experience in sustaining long-term revenue and generating new profits is evident in FXDD’s multi-asset success. As a global leader in trade, Mr. Botkier identifies new market opportunities and discovers optimal ways of leveraging them to secure long-term revenue and returns.

Joseph Botkier

Joseph Botkier | CEO of FX Direct Dealer Talks About the Future

Joseph Botkier | CEO of FX Direct Dealer Talks About the Future

Joseph Botkier

Joseph Botkier, before assuming the role of CEO at global trading firm FXDD,  was executive vice president as well as deputy general manager of Bank Brussels Lambert New York. In conjunction with Joseph’s experience in New York. Botkier also was general manager of treasury at bank Carpilo and vice president and treasurer of Credito Italiano.

“As an international trading firm, it’s important that FXDD has roots around the world, and we continually employ some of the smartest and most innovative people in the industry,” explained Joseph Botkier. FXDD was launched as a pioneer in the fx brokerage community empowering retail traders across the globe and giving them access to institutional liquidity utilizing innovative in-house  trading technology .”

With years of consulting experience, Joseph was employed as a master advisor to major financial institutions throughout central and eastern Europe. His career began in the 1970’s when Joseph Botkier took the role of deputy operations manager with The Harris Trust corporation of New York City, and as the assistant operations manager of the acclaimed Credito Italiano from 1974 to 1985. While with Credito Italiano, they were one of the first in the industry to trade currency futures. Posting profits yearly, Joseph assumed responsibility for futures and foreign currency dealings.

Shortly after, Joseph joined bank Carpilo in New York, as first vice president and deputy general manager. There, Joseph Botkierestablished Carpilo’s NY treasury operations, which consisted of trading money market instruments, as well as currencies and derivatives.

For a decade thereafter, Joseph held the position of senior vice president and treasurer with Bank Brussels Lambert (BBL) where Botkierled the foreign exchange department, money, and capital markets, as well as structuring and gaining funding for loan portfolios and asset management, truly transforming the bank during his tenure.


Joseph Botkier Recognizes Foreign Exchange Trading

During this time, Joseph launched a computer-based risk management system to evaluate treasury Instruments. While at BBL, Joseph also established a proprietary mortgage-backed securities portfolio . As well as an asset-backed portfolio, also managing a proprietary fund of over $500mm.

In 1997 Mr. Botkier launched the first ever leveraged high yield fund for BBL. While simultaneously creating and managing a proprietary fund participating in emerging market debt.

With Botkier’s background in developing trade strategies, Botkier is an expert in currencies. This includes euro bonds, derivatives, swaps, and high yield securities managing a total portfolio of $36 Billion.

Botkier has maintained decade-long relationships with some of the most respected banks. Botkier builds organizational systems that sustain long-term revenue. In additional to generate profits all the while identifying new and unique market opportunities for his clients and businesses.

With nearly 30 years of dedicated management experience, Joseph Botkier proudly serves as CEO of FX Direct Dealer, leading the future of trading with a global reputation.